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High yield investment opportunity

Generally, we tend to invest money for two principal purposes. Either we want to retain our purchasing capacity or we want to boost up our earnings. Putting our money on high yield investment tools, we expect profit in return. By high yield investment we know about stock, forex and commodity, bonds (both public and private) and real estate property market. However, while investing in stock or bonds, we have to keep in mind that they have an inverse relation. By purchasing bonds you share the debt of your financial institution. So, an investor would prefer to purchase a bond when economy is at a drooping stage. On the contrary, we prefer to invest in stock when it is booming. In time of sovereign debt crisis in Europe, wise traders skewed towards bonds investment. Bond investment involves comparatively low risk than volatile stock investment.

Investment in forex market is also lucrative in terms of its higher return. Forex trading is getting very popular these days. When the value of your purchased currency gets higher, you have to sell them to glean profits. Due to its huge craze for currency trading, online forex market is widely spreading over the internet industry. Forex trading software is very handy equipment that is used to predict the rise and fall in currency market in near future.

Mutual fund is also a potential investment tool and here the risk factor is lower than stock market. In mutual fund investment, we intersperse our placements among variety of different investment tools. A professional administrator oversees the possibility of each share or each investment tool that can give you good return as per your statement. . According to your investment statement, the mutual fund administrator would invest your money and choose different schemes.

However, if anybody offers you a high yield investment guarantee with low risk or no risk, you can take it for granted that it must be a scam. No investment can guarantee that it could fetch you high return with no risk. Risk factor is a part and parcel of high yield investment.

Author Bio:

Pablo Gibson is an Associate Editor with Oak View Law Group. He has been writing on financial topics over the years with special focus on American and European economy. Pablo also takes interest in debt related issues and contributes articles on debt relief to personal finance blogs.

"Liberty Reserve" Email Hyip Scams

Just received another spam letter supposedly from Liberty Reserve that encourages us to invest in "their" own hyip program that promises 150% in 7 days. All I can say is this is a 100% scam, DO NOT send any money to that account, as you have just the same amount of chance of getting your money back than throwing it down the drain.

What other "spammy" hyip scam emails have you received?

Dear Liberty Reserve Members,

 We are please to announce that Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement, it has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously.

 Recently we have estabilished a very important relation with leading Forex traders online: InstaForex Group ,  Prime4x,  FXOpen and (Safecap Investments Ltd) so we have started a Promotional Forex trade program using high ranked Brokers.




 Deposits are accepted until 15. November 2010 00:00 (GMT)

 One unit in this special program is worth 10 US dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($10), while the
maximum deposit is 1.000 units ($10.000) per member. ID verification required for deposits over 5.000 USD.


 If you decide not to lose this great opportunity you need to make a spend to:

Liberty Reserve account U6182712 -

 *Account Name: Liberty Reserve FX - Memo: "No. of units" and e-mail.


The 150% payout will be made back to your LR account in 7 bussiness days from the time you make your deposit.

Example: If you decide to invest 10 Units in our Fx Program you will get 15 units after 7 trading days (150 usd)

The payout is GUARANTEED and there is no risk from losing your funds.

This is a TIME LIMITED ONE-TIME OFFER and you must ACT NOW! Your money will not go to any third-party, they will be stored in our sistem-currency.

Keep your account secure by following these simple rules:
Do NOT click on any links!
We will never send you attached files or ask you to update your login information.
Contact us if you are unsure about an email you received.

 Thank you,

Liberty Reserve Team

12 Notable HYIP Blogs

In this list, I will help showcase a variety of other HYIP blogs that I am sure will help you learn a lot more about the HYIP industry. These are other blogs I think that also offer quality reviews and news about the HYIP world, which sometimes maybe hard to find in hyip forums such as Talkgold, MMG, and DTM. Hopefully my blog, Hyip Critic is also a resource you use before you invest in hyip programs :)


Of course, I might have missed some,  but these are some of the blogs I read. Some of them may not be as active any more, but nonetheless, they have great content to show for it.

Hyip Investments is Like Craps

Have you ever played the casino game craps? Basically, this is what an hyip investment is like. I have not been active in the hyip field for quite a long time, as you can see how outdated my blog is. I plan to update it once in awhile when I have the chance, but I must I am busy following my choice to become a website developer.

Anyways, I am seeing more people compare an hyip investment like a game. "Get in quick and get out quick" is the new motto. Gone are the days of Genius Funds, which was probably one of the most popular hyip programs in recent times, that lasted almost 2 years. In are the days of short term hyip

So here is my quick analogy of how hyip investments today is like Craps.

Playing Craps is quite simple in theory. You place your bet that the dice will  not roll "7". That is after having rolled a number of 4,5,6,8,9,10, which is the "pass" bet that you want to roll for. Everything the dice rolls, you have a chance to win more money by landing on the square around the board that matches with the number somehow. You can easily double, triple your money in no time if a 7 does not come up. When a 7 comes up, everybody loses their bets on a board. This is like an hyip investment, because the "admin" is rolling a dice everyday, deciding when to roll a "7" and call it quits. When everybody is playing the hyip game, everything is going good for everyone. Everyone, including the admin and players are making money. That is when it is too late then we find it is a scam.

Like craps, hyip investments is like gambling. A lot of people get addicted, and they will "play" another round, and join another HYIP site. This is why we have a complete cycle of people complainer on the hyip forums, and then go back and reinvests in someone else's hyip program hoping that it is legit.

Maybe one day, more people will wake up to see like the lottery, only the person who created it will win.

BetExpekt Review Hyip

Today, you will be reading my BetExpekt review, which is an upcoming hyip program that I have found. This is another sport arbitrage hyip program, as I mentioned before, please do not hope that they invest in arbitraging and guaranteeing you profit, because this is just not possible in such as volatile market.  They have been online for a little under a month, and everything seems to be going smoothly. The admin of this program has created a great opportunity for you to earn, if everything goes right, but we exert caution you should not invest more than you can lose, as this is just a game.They also claim they have been online since 2007, but with a quick search, I can see they were registered on March 19.

Plans & Payment Options

BetExpekt has only 2 plans to offer, and this can be a good thing, because it simplifies the process of picking your plan that best fits your needs.  You can either choose the daily plan, or if you want higher interest rates, but only paid weekly, there is the Premium Plan. For both plans, they offer an affordable $10 minimum deposit to get started, which will cater to everyone's need of investing in this hyip program. As you see the highest plan can yield as much as  2% daily and 15.5% weekly ,if you deposit $25000 or more. The term for the Standard plan is 120-180 days, while the weekly Premium plan is 17-25 weeks. Please note that compounding is not available, and also that your principal is returned at the end of the term. On the left hand sidebar, you will see their alleged sectors that they invest in, and I am confident that this is not true.

Something good about this program is that they pay to a variety of different currencies, such as Alertpay ,Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, GlobalDigitalPay, Strictpay, SolidTrustpay. You will  not have a reason of this program not supporting all the popular ecurrencies in this industry. BetExpekt also says they pay within 5-6 hours.

Design & Security

There is a evident attempt that the admin hired a professioanl to design the site, as it looks wonderfully elegant. The navigation is very clean, giving me a clean idea of how to sign up, deposit money, or read more info on this website. They are hosted on Dragona, which is a great host that willl prevent DDOS attacks on this hyip site, which is an excuse me and you see when a hyip blames for failing. They have SSL security installed, as seen on their lower right side with the Comodo sticker. BetExpekt is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta. This public regulatory body is responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming based in Malta.  The address of the company's registered office is Msida Road 2538 Route 9, Gzira GZR 1806 , Malta.

Id you are even in need of help or support, question, you can visit their contact us page here.


You are welcome to send us a fax on
+356 25 706 389.

By post

Our address is:
Msida Road 2538 Route 9
Gzira GZR 1806, Malta


BetExpekt is a new hyip program that is definitely just a game, but like all the sites we have seen, we will see if this admin will help this site online, or bail out when he feels like it. I definitely love the theme, but again, it is not the theme that matters, it is its priniples, and unfortunately, there is none here. I will say that you can still make money, but as always, hyip are only fun if you can invest amounts you can afford, and definitely consider it as gambling.

PanaMoney Scam?

PanaMoney Scam?

It seems people's trust of panamoney might be slipping away? If I can for sure say PanaMoney is a scam, then that is the day I will have lost more money in hyip programs this year, as I experienced on the collapse of Genius Funds. Now, regarding this issue of, there have been a lot of rumblings in the forum about negative voters on monitors, and how they could be duped. If you sift through the forums of, and , you can see there is more unrest with members. Even though it is currently a paid sticky on these forums, there is still the uncertainty that one day, this hyip program will fail. Now, I will bring to you the atention of old news, but just to confirm with everyone this is not what you think it is. They might trade in forex, but they simply cannot pay out 1-2.5% a day without getting funds from other members.
In 2008, 2009 and 2010, British Columbia residents were solicited to open managed foreign currency (Forex) trading accounts with Panamoney Technologies Inc.  Panamoney Technologies, Inc. is not registered in British Columbia to trade in, or advise on, securities and exchange contracts.

As you see, the Canadian Government already investigated Panamoney long before, and they are still operational after this verdict, and we are now approaching over a year of this notice. Please note that even though they are still online right now, they can close suddenly, like Genius funds.

To finalize, will PanaMoney scam? As with all risky HYIP programs, I will have to say sooner or later this site will close, but as with all unpredictable hyip programs, it will take time and eventually either the site runs out of cashflow, and is investigated and everyone finds out thay are a ponzi scheme. As with all disclaimers, I am not saying Panamoney is a scam right now, but due diligence before investing.

Genius Funds BC Hearing Update April 2010.

Hello guys, sorry for not updating this blog, but now is the day we find out about Genius Funds Scam. On April 7, 2010, the hearing in BC for the Genius Funds Investment program will be initiated, and judging by the site admins closing down the site already, I am sure the government of Canada, already delayed will issue a cease and desist order for the website. If you have remembered, Genius Funds was one of the largest hyip programs that collapsed, following the exit of 2 other notable programs, GNI, and Nanomoneycorp.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on transcripts and decisions of the BC Genius Funds case here!

*Genius Funds Scam Update*

Vancouver – On April 7, 2010, a British Columbia Securities Commission panel permanently banned a web-based investment fund from selling securities and engaging in investor relations activities.
The panel permanently banned Genius Funds, also known as Genius Investments, for illegally selling securities through its website and for offering investors a rate of return so high it could not be earned through legal means. Genius Funds did not attend the hearing.
After receiving a tip from a financial institution in early February, the executive director immediately stopped Genius Funds from selling its securities until the hearing was held. Genius Funds had solicited two B.C. investors: one wired $25,000 to the company; the other did not.
Genius Funds claimed to be based in Cyprus. Following the executive director’s temporary order, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission warned investors that it had never authorized Genius Funds and did not regulate it. Following the BCSC’s lead, other Canadian regulators stopped Genius Funds selling its securities and issued investor alerts. Genius Funds is on the BCSC’s Investment Caution list.
The B.C. Securities Commission is the independent provincial government agency responsible for regulating trading in securities within the province. You can view the decision on our website by typing Genius Funds or 2010 BCSECCOM 176  into the search box. If you have questions, contact Brenda-Lea Brown at 604-899-6554.;%20Executive%20Director

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