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Genius Funds Scam! 3 reasons why this is the end of this hyip program.

Posted on 9:11 AM by Admin

Genius Funds Scam

This is definitely the hardest news for me, and probably all of the other investors into this hyip program. I wrote in my hyip review that this program simply was the best, because they have been online for over 1 and half a year, and with expensive hosting, and verisign SSL, the best in the world. Probably because of the $25k investor in Canada led to the collapse of this program, but now, more than even I am almost confirming that Genius funds is a scam or will become one before the British Columbia hearing. Why? Well I will give my supportive statements and my opinion on Geniusfunds.

1. Genius Funds selectively paying.

In MoneyMakerGroup and Talkgold, you will see recently there has been a lot of unrest between members of unpayments, and also rumors of them closing. Also, a fellow reader posted in my shoutbox : sfl have not been paid 17 days since request genius very poor on responding . Seems it is not just one person not getting paid, but those investors that either tried to withdraw with Bankwire, or high amounts of money. Even I had my first pending payment last night, which is over 24 hours and still not paid into my Alertpay account.

2. Websites are classifying it as Scam.

You don't believe this? Now, we all know Talkgold's reputation of being the first site for correctly putting sites in the scam list, and save various investors of so much money and emotional pain. Also, what is very surprising is when you go to Genius Fund's twitter account, you will see they are not allowing anyone to see their tweets. Even the admin at is also stating they will move the site to SCAM if they do not pay all pending withdraws next week. With Genius Fund's new plan, how convenient you can withdraw you principal right on the day that the BC hearing is expected.!


Now, there is officially a report, by the country of Cyprus, that they are in fact a scam! Here is the official report, and I recommend you read it !

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the Commission’) wishes to inform the investors that the company ‘GENIUS INVESTMENTS (CYPRUS) LTD’:
Is not permitted to provide investment and ancillary services in the Republic, pursuant to Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law, as:
It has never been authorized by the Commission.
Ιt is not a bank or a cooperative firm, established in the Republic and authorised to provide such services.
No notification has been received by a competent authority of another Member State, pursuant to sections 77 and 80 of the abovementioned Law.
Is not regulated by the Commission and the authorisation with the number CIF 087/07, which the abovementioned company is alleged that it possesses, is fake.
Finally, the Commission informs the investors that the ‘Genius Funds’ are not also regulated by it.
Nicosia, 11 March 2010

Read my other post about the Aftermath Of Genius Funds

3. Site is always down.

As of right now, they are almost always offline, with the DDOS protection in place. How weird that only recently has this site been experiencing DDOS attacks, and never before? Remember, they are hosting with, one of the best sites to protect your website from these attacks! As with all websites delaing with money, it is always a worry when a site even goes down for 10 minutes, let alone for hours daily!

With all this negativity, plus the combined presence of authorities, this is a de ja vu of the 12dailypro program years ago, and in the end I am confident we will see the truth of Geniusfunds, and indeed it will be shown to the world it is a ponzi scheme. I encourage you , if the site comes back online to withdraw as much as possible, because I seriously think this site is going down, along with the hyip industry.

I will also discuss my opinions soon on the collapse of other notable programs, such as GNI and NanoMoneycorp, as these sites too were considered the examples of a legit hyip program.

11 Response to "Genius Funds Scam! 3 reasons why this is the end of this hyip program."

Anonymous Says....

If it were a scam, why would help and support still be operational? Even after the site went down people were still receiving payouts and for the ones that aren't are to resubmit their request whenever the site comes back online (If it in fact does), which support claims should be by the end of this week. Right now it's still a "wait and see" situation.

Warren Says....

I am afraid you are right and just when I met the $5K goal to start taking 100% out. The only reason I don't panic is I never use my own money to do this stuff, just free money I get online.

Admin Says....

Thanks guys for the reply.

Anon: A question would be if they did come back online, who would invest in them? Also good to note if they are legitimately having difficult, why are others sites on the doing fine?

Warren: Thanks for your reply! I remember you from adventures4u! Yea, it really sucks when you are just at your goal, and suddenly they go scam. You are definitely right in not using money you can't afford to use, such as grocery money!

Anonymous Says....

Being optimistic, here is what I see. GeniusFunds had trouble locating itself anywhere in the world. Cyprus was the "final shot", the first one was Canada. They had been paying thousands to thousands, right on time. Until somebody said: "this is impossible even if it is happening. Something must be wrong" And right at that moment, it all went wrong. Maybe GeniusFunds did not have any permission to be what it was. But it was doing it right, until they pushed it down. Who did? Who would have interest in it falling down?

In some countries of the world, people throw rocks at dogs making love in the streets. Why do they do that? Does it have anything to do with envy?

"If I can't enjoy it, they can't either"

Apply that to GeniusFunds and think Canada, Cyprus.

I have advocated in 1000 forums that HYIPs should be audited before they are allowed to invite anybody to invest, and if they are "gambling games", then they should say so!

I don't know what happened to Nano and to InvestmentForge. They all fell like dominoes, one after the other. I don't know if they were Ponzis scams or real programs.

GNI, on the other side, also had a problem alien to GNI itself and it is organizing the payout of all those that were not in-profit, which is a very decent way to act. So, do not include GNI in the collection of muting hyips, because it simply never was.

Anonymous Says....

CEO for Genius, "mark stelvio" has had his new HYIP, forextradersbooker, up for over a month now. His new site is just starting to get some truly deserved nasty comments from genius people who lost money there. Why can't Greek authorities lock him up? They know where to find him -as does anyone who looks up his new site.

Anonymous Says....

ARe YOU SURE THAT'S there NAMES? Everything else is a LIE!!!!!

Anonymous Says....

I hope they catch those bastard fucking faggot ass motherfuckers I want my motherfucking money back fuck faces!!!!

ARnel@hyip Says....

This same symptoms is happening to PTVPartner. I think PTVPartner will be next. . .

AtaArticles Says....

Most investors should realise that all hyip's do not last forever. They almost always go down after some time. Some last for a couple of years at most and then desert the investors.

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